Self-care isn’t selfish – support from the Devon Wellbeing Hub

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in News, Recovery and wellbeing on 13th November, 2023

Today marks the first day of National Self Care Week (13-19 November) – an opportunity to highlight how important taking care of ourselves is.

Self-care can look very different for different people; it may involve getting active, reading a book, or unwinding with a cuppa! Whatever works for you, it’s important to make the time for yourself so you can stay healthy and happy.

Practicing self-care is vitally important, especially when your job involves caring for others. At the Devon Wellbeing Hub, we know that colleagues working in healthcare, social care and the police often put others needs before their own, but we want to remind you that self-care isn’t selfish. We need to put our own oxygen mask on first so that we are able to help others.

Prue Yeoman, Colleague Wellbeing Practitioner, said: “Self-care isn't 'me first' or 'me instead' of you, but 'as well as'. Language is so powerful. Sometimes people turn away from the connotations of self-care as being about expensive spa treatments or being selfish. However, in its truest form it’s neither of these things. It’s about being present with yourself and listening to what your body and mind need and trying to attend to those needs, often in the smallest ways throughout the day.

“Self-care is taking two minutes away from the ward or desk, choosing to take a break and eat a healthy lunch rather than grabbing a snack on the go, or setting an alarm at night to remind yourself to get a good night’s sleep. Self-care is as individual and unique as you are.”

The Hub is here to help those who help others. If you’re struggling with your wellbeing, we can talk with you about your needs and support you to get to the right services quickly. We’re free and completely confidential. We also offer support for teams, giving you and your colleagues the opportunity to think about your collective wellbeing. Get in touch by emailing or call 0300 303 5455.

We’re also running a series of free workshops on ‘Emotional Self-Care’ from November to February. Find out more and book your place via Eventbrite.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to self-care, but if you’d like some inspiration to get you started, our Hub colleagues have shared some of their top tips to unwind in this article.