Research study seeks life experience of adults with autism

Posted on 17th December, 2015

ASC UK is a research study seeking to recruit adults with autism and their relatives/carers to share their life experiences through a series of questionnaires. At least 1% of adults are on the autism spectrum. However, very little research has been undertaken into the life experiences of adults and older people on the autism spectrum, and how these can be improved. Research participants will be asked to complete questionnaires, either on paper or electronically, and may receive a follow up phone call if further information is needed. The research team would like to recruit at least 500 adults on the autism spectrum from across the age and ability range, as well as at least 500 parents of adults with ASD, adult siblings, carers and partners.  The research project is being led by Newcastle University researchers, and funded by the research charity Autistica. Further information can be found here and you can sign up online. It is important that anyone who registers for the study should quote Devon Partnership NHS Trust as the source of the information. Watch this Youtube video to find out the key information about the research programme. Please email or phone 01392 674117 for further information.