Recovery Through Activity: Exploring photography with Apple

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in News on 21st August, 2023

The Community Forensic Team (CFT) has introduced its evidence-based Occupational Therapy group known as the Recovery Through Activity program (RTA). The RTA is an eight-week program designed to support individuals in reconnecting with various activities across different domains, such as technological, leisure, physical, creative, social, and vocational. Recognising the transformative potential of engaging in activities, the RTA program not only promotes increased activity levels but also encourages enjoyment, social interaction, and the exploration of new activities that contribute positively to an individual’s overall health and wellbeing.

The RTA group, consisting of a diverse mix of five male and female inpatients, aims to enhance participant’s community and social skills. The session was held on Tuesday 6 June, where the CFT collaborated with Apple to deliver a technology-focused learning experience. This was held in Exeter and focused on photography skills using iPhone smartphones. The session was divided into two parts. The first half started at the community centre, offering patients and staff an opportunity to engage in discussions about technology in general and in today’s world.

Following this, the session continued in the Apple store where a staff member led a practical activity that included capturing photographs of contemporary and historic architecture in Exeter. Participants walked around the city, capturing images of buildings, and then received guidance on how to edit the photographs using the smartphones provided.

The collaboration with the Apple staff proved beneficial, as their enthusiasm and encouragement contributed to the success of the session. Participants provided positive feedback to the team as they described the session as a “good and productive learning experience”, in which they enriched their skills regarding taking photographs and using smartphones.

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