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Rachel shares her lived experience to raise funds for our charity and others

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in News on 25th January, 2021

Rachel Davis, Peer support coordinator is raising funds to share her personal lived experience by writing a book and by doing so raising funds for our charity and other charities, yet to be formally agreed.

Rachel comments: "I am a Registered Mental Health Nurse with 10+ years experience behind me, and on one fateful day in January 2020, my brain 'broke' - that's the most accurate description I can give. Fast forward three days and many trips to A&E, I was sectioned under the Mental Health Act for my own safety.

Rachel Davis"Recorded in my medical notes is the following - 'Rachel was on the floor begging us not to let her be the next serious case review'. As a mental health nurse I was acutely aware that not all lives can be saved and I truly believed I was going to die. Thankfully, I didn't. I did however develop a psychotic illness which included me believing I had stolen a nurses identity, that I was in a fake ward and that I was going to receive an MBE, or OBE, or CBE - I spent a lot of time trying to remember which was which!"

Rachel will use the book to share her story openly and honestly to help break down some of the barriers that exist about mental illness and question people's pre-conceived ideas and prejudices.

Rachel adds: "I have returned to work and have been given an opportunity to share my 'insider' experience of being cared for by the organisation that I work for, by working alongside the peer support team and the staff wellbeing team and the feedback I am receiving has inspired me and given me the confidence to start writing the story.

"I am planning on completing a walk on Saturday 19 February which is the one year anniversary of my section being rescinded. I will be walking from Exminster to my home in Exmouth - the journey that I never managed to make on that awful morning.

"All funds raised are going to go towards getting my story written with the support of a ghostwriter and editor (it is a lonely place to go back to alone) and get it into print. I plan on giving a percentage of any profit made from the book to Devon Partnership Trust's charitable fund and other charities."

Read more on Rachel's fundraising page.