Positive steps: how walking can improve our wellbeing

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Mental health, News, Recovery and wellbeing on 14th May, 2024

The theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (13-19 May) is ‘movement’. Being active is a great way to look after both our physical and mental wellbeing.

At the Devon Wellbeing Hub, we know that it can be hard for colleagues working in healthcare, social care and the police to make time for exercise when our jobs can be so demanding. However, walking is an easy and effective way to improve our wellbeing; even a brisk 10-minute daily walk has many health benefits. May is also National Walking Month - so it’s a great time to get started!

Christina Greenland, Clinical and Operational Lead for the Devon Wellbeing Hub, said: “A simple stroll is one of the easiest ways we can get more active and become healthier. Not only that, but it also helps re-energise our brains and calm us if we’re feeling stressed. A quick walk before, during or after work can help us unwind from daily challenges. Asking colleagues, friends or family to join us can also give us valuable time to connect.

“Being out in nature also helps our wellbeing. Next time you’re on a walk, why not give some mindfulness techniques a go and try and tune in to your senses: what can you see, hear, touch and smell?

“I also recommend taking a look at Slow Ways – it’s a national network of walking routes that are added and tested by volunteers. It aims to inspire and support people to walk more often and further.”

You can find lots of resources to support your physical health and lifestyle on the useful resources section of our website. When you meet with one of our wellbeing practitioners, we’ll talk to you about your needs and help you find the right support.

Please get in touch by emailing dpt.devonwellbeing@nhs.net or by calling 0300 303 5455. You can also fill out the referral form on the Devon Wellbeing Hub website.