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Piano performance by patient on Beech Unit

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Charity, Mental health, News, Recovery and wellbeing on 4th August, 2020

A piano that was kindly donated to Beech Unit in Torbay has been repaired thanks to charitable funds.

The donation of the piano was organised by Hannah Hatzer, Healthcare Assistant. For some time it had been sat in the dining room awaiting tuning and new wheels.

When the pandemic hit, the COVID Charity Appeal was established and the Beech Team saw an opportunity to finally get the addition to the ward fixed. They entered a successful submission to the Charity Committee and the piano was brought back to life. 

Lewis Powell, Ward Manager said: "Since we have had the piano fixed we have had a patient admitted to Beech who has enjoyed playing beautifully for most of her stay so far." Listen to her play here.

When staff asked about how she feels about the piano being available to play, she said: “It is just marvellous having the piano on the ward. The more crowds I have to observe me - the better! The fact that there is a piano in the ward when I have one at home means it is extremely beneficial to me. When I am at home having a bad day I always play the piano. When I have a bad day here I can play the piano and lose myself in the music. It always makes me feel better.”

Lewis posted audio footage of the performance on social media saying: "This is why I love my job. Even the most poorly and vulnerable people in society have some of the most special talents. We are all special and we are all unique. The patient playing the piano lives with a severe mental illness that has a huge amount of stigma attached to it. She plays on it most days and she consented for me to record her playing today. Just lovely."

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