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Pause for Thought - 'Lights, Camera, Action!'

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Pause for Thought on 12th February, 2021

As the pandemic rolls on and lockdown continues, the pressure to become proficient banana bread bakers, Joe Wicks exercisers and DIY geniuses is great. But rather than follow the crowd, we should really use this time to think about those things we have always wanted to do, but just haven't had the time, or the inclination, to start. This week, Jez Brown, Lead Chaplain, talks to us about all those great ideas we have that never see the light of day and reminds us that life is short and that we should take action whilst we can. Jez says:

"‘Success’, said Thomas Edison, ‘is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration’.

"I think Edison had it right. Coming up with inspirational ideas and hopes is definitely the easier part. Making it happen, turning your dream into a reality - with all the bumps in the road along the way - is really hard work!

"But you already know that don’t you? What great idea did you have that was perfect in your imagination – but costly in terms of energy and time and money, to bring it to fruition? Were you pleased with the end result?

"Perhaps you haven’t arrived yet at the finished piece – you’re still tinkering with the concept – but earnestly hoping that one day you will be able to make a start. Is that day coming closer?

"And what about you – yes you – still holding the dream brightly in your imagination but uncertain whether you will ever have the resources to hand turn your dream into reality. Is it really about resources or just inertia?

"I am sure that each of the Lockdowns has found all of us dreaming a big dream at some point. So what’s holding you back from going for it? What’s the worst thing that could happen? And the best?

"It was the English novelist, Rose Tremain, who said, ‘Life is not a dress rehearsal’. It’s a great reminder that in the grander scheme of things, we are playing out the main performance today – now – this minute – each of us on our own unique stage. A one show special, an extravaganza, with an all-star cast with you starring as the leading actor.

"What will the Reviewers be able to write of your performance if you are paralysed with stage fright, hiding in the wings?

"What will they write if the play never makes it to the stage?

"The show must go on! Lighting, camera, action!”