O2 Health launches Help at Hand following Trust trial

Posted on 12th March, 2013

O2 Health has launched Help at Hand to the high street. Help at Hand is a mobile care service that you connect to with a specially designed handset to get help when it’s needed. The service comprises of a special handset with a fall detector, GPS tracking, designated ‘safe zones; and a special one touch button that links to a 24/7 support centre that can contact loved ones, carer’s or emergency services if needed. Prior to its launch it was trialled in the Trust and Tobit Emmens, Managing Partner Research and Development who managed the trial said the devices allowed healthcare professionals to interact with people who were at risk from suicide, Having the devices with them gave people greater confidence that they could go about their lives and if a crisis emerged, it was dealt with at the time. Help at Hand was also used in the forensic service to track people when they left the facility on leave. Read more.