NHS National Education and Training Survey

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in News, Nursing on 18th October, 2022

NHS National Education and Training SurveyThe NHS National Education and Training Survey (NETS) is open to all learners undertaking a practice placement or training post in all health and care services across England.

The survey opens once each year in October and the purpose is to understand the experience of students and doctors in training.

Each respondent is asked a core set of questions focusing on their experience of induction, clinical supervision, teamwork, access to facilities and learning opportunities. Learners are asked about their health and wellbeing and whether they have experienced bullying, harassment or discrimination in the clinical learning environment.

The NHS NETS is a unique multi-professional window into the environments and services in which the current and future health and care workforce are training and working.

By understanding the experience of learners, Health Education England can work in partnership with national and regional partners, professional and service regulators and education and training providers to improve quality.

Profession-specific questions have been introduced to the survey this year. This will provide an opportunity to understand the experience of learners in more detail. 

The results from the survey will focus on opportunities to improve the quality of education and training and overall student experience.

For further information, please contact nets@hee.nhs.uk.

Every survey response counts and helps to improve quality, so please get involved and share the NHS NETS this October.

The survey opens today and will remain open for six weeks until 30 November.

NHS National Education and Training Survey