New Horizons : Towards a shared vision for mental health

Posted on 19th October, 2009

The Trust has sent a response to the consultation on the government’s proposals for mental health services in the future. The 1999 National Service Framework for Mental Health (NSF) has nearly completed its ten year lifespan. New Horizons proposes a new approach that builds on the success of the NSF but shifts the focus to developing a cross-government, multi-agency alliance to tackle the root causes of poor mental health. New Horizons is concerned with tackling the inequalities in mental health and in access to services. The key themes are prevention and public mental health, tackling stigma, early intervention, personalised care, innovation, value for money and strengthening transitions from children and adolescent mental health services to adult services, and for older people.     The priorities in New Horizons fit very well with the Trust’s strategic aims. Click here for a copy of the Trust response In its response the Trust highlighted three priorities for mental health services in the future:

  • Developing youth mental health services - current services are fragmented and not well integrated with mainstream services for children and families 
  • Improving mental health services for older adults - these services have not had the same focused attention or investment as services for adults of working age have received  
  • Reducing health inequalities - it is a major public health concern that many people with long term mental health needs have significantly lower life expectancy than the general population.
Click here for the consultation questions and Trust responses