NAW: Amanda reflects on her experiences throughout her apprenticeship journey

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in News on 9th February, 2024

AmandaTo complete our celebration for National Apprenticeship Week 2024, we are thrilled to share the inspiring journey of Amanda Ricketts, Nursing Assistant, who successfully completed the Level 3 Senior Healthcare Support Worker apprenticeship. Amanda reflects on her experiences and accomplishments throughout her apprenticeship journey.

Tell us about yourself and the apprenticeship you completed:

I wanted to gain some qualifications and grow in my learning and education. After reading everything about an apprenticeship, I believed that this opportunity would enable me to gain a recognised qualification that suited my job role and my development.

What did the learning and development process include?

As part of the apprenticeship criteria for Devon Partnership Trust (and my chosen college), I needed to have achieved my maths and English and be able to show my qualifications by providing my certificates. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to retrieve my certificates, and because I didn’t have evidence of completing my qualifications, I had to take my maths and English again via the functional skills options.

I was able to complete my functional skills via the college of my choice and although being back ‘to school’ was challenging, it was well worth it. These skills will now help me in progressing and possibly applying for another apprenticeship in the future - so I’m really pleased I have achieved them.

What are the benefits of choosing an apprenticeship as an education route, your achievements and successes?

When I first started out with my apprenticeship I didn’t believe that I would be able to achieve and accomplish it because I found it so challenging – going back to learning and education. However, I worked hard and stayed focused and accomplished my functional skills and an apprentice.

My manager really supported me throughout and everyone on Belvedere Ward were really supportive. Having a mentor was also really supportive and Jo (my mentor) was really compassionate and understanding and this supported me to keep going and succeed.

Do you have any future plans?

I will frame my apprenticeship certificate with pride. College and apprenticeships are for anyone and I'm glad I gained this qualification at the age of 56.