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Music for wellbeing with Devon Recovery Learning Community

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Mental health, News, Recovery and wellbeing on 9th July, 2020

Music can have a real effect on our emotions and depending on the piece of music, can take us back to a memory, make us elated or suppress our mood.

X-System has “developed technology which accurately and reliably categorises music by its physical effect on the autonomic nervous system.” Simply put, this innovative project can help promote your mental health and wellbeing by encouraging you to listen to playlists that can help with sleep, relaxation, concentration and so much more.

The Devon Recovery Learning Community (DRLC) is privileged to have been granted access to X-System from Professor Nigel Osborne, its co-creator, and is now able to share their playlists via a link on the DRLC website. Caroline Nicholson, Manager of DRLC, shares the benefits of the system:

“Music can help you change the way you feel. From Mozart to Marvin Gaye and from Metallica to Mongolian voices, this new link on our website will take you to playlists to lead you from one state of mind and body to another in the way that you choose.

“The playlists are created to calm, enliven or offer self-care and self-management of mood and feelings. There are also videos with music to offer support for breathing and exercise.

“The playlists are curated by health care professionals and others, using X-System, which analyses music to predict its effects on health and wellbeing, and how it may help change your mood and feelings. X-System uses a model of the musical brain and body to predict the level of relaxation or excitement of a piece of music and how positive or negative a mood or emotion it may make you feel. It uses the principle of “entrainment” to lead you from where you are to where you want to go, step by step. It is therefore best to listen to whole playlists at a time. The more you skip tracks, the more you will reduce the effects of the playlists.

“Whether someone is feeling hyper, stressed, wants to relax or is feeling sluggish and needs more energy, there are scientifically chosen playlists available that can help.

Find out more about X-System here and to access the playlists click here.

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