Message to our staff following EU referendum result

Posted in News on 27th June, 2016

Dear Colleagues

Following last week’s referendum result, I am sure that many of you will have questions about the possible effect of the referendum result on our country and the NHS.

As I am sure you will appreciate, the position will not become clearer until the UK government has entered into negotiations with the European Union (EU) about the terms of its exit and considered arrangements it will need to put in place.

I appreciate that you will want to have clarity as soon as possible about any changes.

Please be assured that we will closely monitor any changes and keep you updated as soon as more concrete information becomes available.

The referendum asked us to consider a simple question with difficult and complex consequences.  We are privileged to live in a democracy where we can have different views.  Over the weekend there has, inevitably, been much commentary and supposition much of which has been heated, unpleasant or offensive.   Difference and debate is positive, anger and discriminatory behaviour are not.  We must be, and are, better than that.

In the meantime I want to express my gratitude to all staff, from the UK, Europe and overseas, for their hard work and commitment to our Trust and the support they provide for people who face very difficult challenges in their lives. We remain committed to being an inclusive place to work which welcomes and values the strengths that our diverse workforce brings to the care of the diverse group of people who access our services.

Best regards