Mental Health Nurses Day 2024

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Mental health, News on 21st February, 2024

Mental Health Nurses Day 2024 logoToday we celebrate Mental Health Nurses Day. Thank you to all our wonderful nurses who support our patients every day with care and compassion and to all mental health nurses across the country.

Chris Burford, Executive Chief Nursing Officer and Allied Professions Lead, said: "I am so proud to call myself a mental health nurse and to be part of a profession that I am even more proud of.

"I have been a mental health nurse since 1989 and that is such a privilege. I can always remember the personal impact of nursing people who showed their vulnerabilities with me, from my early days training in London to my continued mental health practice over many years.

"I have learnt so much from people in their most darkest hour, including my own self-awareness of my own vulnerabilities through caring for others.

"Mental health nursing is challenging but equally rewarding no matter where you are working and we still have a lot more to do to educate the public of its importance alongside physical health care.

"Thank you to each and every one of you across the organisation. I am reminded daily of the enormous difference you make to people’s lives."

Today, across our social media channels we will be sharing stories from some of our mental health nurses such as Chris who is based on Salus Ward and David, who works within the Perinatal Service. Thank you to Chris and David for sharing their stories with us.

Find out more about Mental Health Nursing on our careers website.

Chris, Salus Ward