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Men's Health Week - Can Do Challenge

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Mental health, News, Recovery and wellbeing on 15th June, 2021

This week is Men’s Health Week, and after a challenging year for us all, the theme this week is Men, Mental Health and COVID-19. The pandemic has impacted us all in many ways, including affecting our mental health and wellbeing as we have navigated lockdowns, distance from our loved ones and the added pressures the situation has bought.

This year, the Men’s Health Forum have set us all a national ‘Can Do Challenge’ to encourage us to engage in the 5 Ways to Wellbeing.

The 5 Ways are:

  • Connect - connect with other people. Try calling an old friend you haven't since before lockdown, catching up and checking in on eachother’s wellbeing.
  • (Be) Active - move your body. Try going for a run, walk, swim or put on your favourite music and have a dance.
  • Notice - take notice of the environment around you. Head outside for a walk or to sit and enjoy nature. Why not try turning off your phone for an hour and trying to be present in the moment.
  • Discover - learn something new. Is there something you’ve been meaning to do or try? Read a book you haven't read before, try a new sport or activity, or learn a new language!
  • Offer (or give) - do something for someone else. What could you do to make someone else’s day? Volunteer, help someone in need or do a good deed!

These 5 ways to Wellbeing create a brilliant foundation to encourage patients at Langdon Hospital to engage in physical activities with the Physical Therapies Team. Jack Phillips is the Sports Team Lead at Langdon and spoke about how his team are using the Can Do Challenge this week:

“We have been graced with some beautiful weather lately which has allowed us to bring back the sports social sessions we offer. These have a range of activities from French boules, spike ball, tennis and volleyball to name a few, which accompanied by some beautiful grounds, patients and staff creates the perfect recipe to conquer the CAN DO challenge.

“We plan to use these wellbeing tips to promote and be active during Men’s Health Week 2021:

Connecting with other patients
Being active through low level inclusive activity
Noticing the benefits of being out in nature enjoying activity and company
Discovering new and fun activities and enjoying low level physical activity
Our patients offering ideas to co-produce sessions as we make our way into the summer timetable.

“Now more so than ever we need to celebrate and recognise men’s health and we are lucky to again be able to socialise safely whilst engaging in physical activity inclusive for all!”

You can find out more or give the CAN DO challenge a go yourself by finding out more on their website.