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Mechanical cat provides comfort for people with dementia

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Charity, News on 23rd September, 2020

Our COVID-19 Charity fund has been able to support the Bristol Dementia Wellbeing Service by purchasing a mechanical cat, which is reactive to touch and movement, purrs, meow's and moves its left paw.

The cat provides sensory stimulation and comforts people with dementia.

Agnes Randall, Dementia Support Manager said: "When someone is living with dementia it is important that they live well with their diagnosis and have as good of quality of life that they can. They need to feel safe, secure and that they feel their life isn’t changing as the diagnosis progresses.

"They will get to a stage of their dementia journey when they are unable to complete tasks and follow processes. I find it is when then need sensory stimulation that the cat comes into its own for them. The cat moves, feels and sounds like a real cat and for someone who has always had cats in their life it can be a real asset for them. 

"It works wonders for people, helping them to feel content with their life, giving them companionship and someone to talk to when they can spend hours alone. The service users are encouraged to buy themselves the companion cat so they can have this feeling with them."

Watch a video of patient interaction with the cat here or click on the image below.