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Lynsey took to the skies to support the DPT Charity

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Charity, News on 5th October, 2021

Lynsey wing-walks to raise money for our charityLynsey Vinall, Tele-Coach Practitioner at the Access and First Response Service, has taken on a huge personal challenge by wing-walking to raise money for our charity.

She reached speeds of up to 135mph in this breath-taking challenge on top of a Boeing Stearman biplane.

Lynsey has raised more than £702 for the DPT Charity and said: “I found the challenge really fun and enjoyed every minute, I would recommend it for anyone considering a wing walk as it looks much scarier than it is.

Lynsey wing-walks to raise money for our charity"My favourite bit was definitely the take off and I also enjoyed the air acrobatics. The pilot and I decide on hand signals so although it might not seem like it you have some control over your flight when you’re in the air.

"I raised money by firstly sending my JustGiving page to family who were very supportive and generous, then put it on my Facebook page for friends to donate. I decided to do the wing walk to support the DPT charity because I’ve seen first-hand how hard our staff and services have worked due to the global pandemic.

"I would recommend trying a wing walk as it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to try something spectacular and raise money for a good cause."

If you still want to show your support, you can donate to Lynsey's JustGiving page here.

Along with wing walks there are a variety of ways you can support the DPT Charity which also include skydiving, Snowdon Night Trek and the UK 3 Peaks.

For all enquiries relating to the charity please email Daniel Robson at

Lynsey wing-walks to raise money for our charity

Lynsey wing-walks to raise money for our charity