Lumi Nova app harnessing mobile gaming to offer therapeutic support for anxious children across Devon

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in CAMHS, Mental health, News on 19th September, 2023

Child using Lumi Nova appAs children return to school after the long summer break, some may feel anxious about starting in a new classroom, learning different subjects or making friends.

Our Mental Health Support Teams (part of Children and Family Health Devon) have partnered with BFB Labs to offer free access to the digital therapeutic app, Lumi Nova: Tales of Courage designed for children aged 7-12 facing difficulties with fears, worries or anxiety.

Childhood anxiety can be broad ranging from difficulties related to social situations, to separation and phobias. Knowing this, it is unsurprising that anxiety can have a huge impact on young people’s lives, with struggles including difficulties attending school, socialising, and participating in daily activities, to name a few.   

Holly Billington, CFHD Service Lead for MHST, said: “Anxiety is one of the leading symptoms that prompt parents to seek help for their children. We saw the potential of Lumi Nova as a timely intervention support for local services and our MHST service. It draws on powerful science, clinical expertise, and digital innovation, to deliver the best clinical care and support possible to 7-12 -year-olds, regardless of where they live.”

Lumi Nova is a fun, safe and interactive mobile gaming experience for children and young people to learn lifelong skills to tackle their worries head on so they can build resilience, gain confidence and thrive.

  • Recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) for 7-12 year olds (facing difficulties with anxiety)
  • Based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) - the gold standard for anxiety intervention
  • Built-in safeguarding and accessibility features
  • Available on Android and iOS mobile and tablet devices
  • Co-designed with children, parents, NHS clinicians and experts in mental health, human-centred design, gaming, and digital technology
  • Accessible on-demand 24/7 from the comfort of home

Manjul Rathee, CEO of BFB Labs said: "We're excited to extend our collaboration with Children and Family Health Devon to promptly provide Lumi Nova to all children and families in need of anxiety support in Devon, free from stigma or delays. We're revolutionising mental health care for the next generation, ensuring that young minds can access timely and effective assistance whenever and wherever they require it to overcome their challenges."

Find out more about Lumi Nova here.

Alternatively, to attend a 30-min discovery session with the Lumi Nova team sign up here. During these sessions explore how Lumi Nova can support children in tackling their fears and worries, and be guided through the setup process to help you get started today.