Learn how to achieve your New Year goals with the Devon Wellbeing Hub’s workshops

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Recovery and wellbeing on 5th January, 2023

It’s easy to start the New Year with big intentions and ambitious goals which can then fall short by the second week of January. How do we ensure we keep going with things that are meaningful well into the year? 

The Devon Wellbeing Hub are running a series of free, virtual workshops for colleagues in healthcare, social care and the police to help you move into 2023 feeling focused on what you want to achieve and how.

Led by Anna Croucher, Senior Colleague Wellbeing Practitioner, the interactive sessions will explore what gets in the way of our goals, how we can set meaningful value-driven goals and how to ensure we stick with them moving forward. The sessions will draw on different approaches including; Mindfulness Training, Coaching, Acceptance and Commitment Training, Compassion Focused Therapy and Positive Psychology.

The workshops will cover:

  • What goals are compared to values and why both are important
  • How to carve habits that take you towards your goals
  • How to shift your mind set towards action
  • Learning mindfulness and self-compassion tools to help you along the way
  • Managing the obstacles that come up in the pursuit of goals

Anna explains what you can expect from the workshops in this short video.

Regardless of what your intentions are for the year, be it to learn a language, get healthier, take up a hobby or get outside more, this session can support you.

How to sign up:

Please note, these are two-part workshops, with a second session in February to provide some extra support to keep you on track.

  • Group 1: Monday 16 January, 12pm (90 minutes) and Monday 6 February, 12pm (60 minutes)
  • Group 2: Thursday 19 January, 6pm (90 minutes) and Thursday 9 February, 6pm (60 minutes)
  • Group 3: Friday 20 January, 9am (90 minutes) and Friday 10 February, 9am (60 minutes)

To book your space, please email dpt.devonwellbeing@nhs.net with the group you’d like to join, your name, job title and organisation.

There will be a maximum of 12 people per workshop to ensure there is time to connect with each other. The sessions will take place on MS Teams and you will need a pen and paper and somewhere you can talk without disturbances.

Before Christmas, the Devon Wellbeing Hub hosted ‘Seasonal Self-Care’ workshops, which received lots of positive feedback from colleagues:

“Everyone should attend a session no matter what position in the workplace - everyone will benefit from the information and delivery of the workshop.”

“The training was very well delivered and the trainer put you very much at ease, this was like TLC in itself. The content was very relevant and something I feel everyone can benefit from, regardless of your role.”

Get in touch:

Getting support from the Devon Wellbeing Hub is simple. If you work in healthcare, social care or the police and are struggling with any aspect of your wellbeing, or you lead a team who would benefit from support, the Hub can help you today. Please get in touch by emailing dpt.devonwellbeing@nhs.net or by calling 0300 303 5455. You can also fill out the referral form on the Devon Wellbeing Hub website