It's Occupational Therapy Week 2019!

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in News, Recovery and wellbeing on 4th November, 2019

Occupational Therapy Week 2019 is happening this week, and the focus is on: Small Change, Big Impact. The aim of this theme is to celebrate and champion the impact of occupational therapy (OT) on the lives of service users and the communities they live in.

Just last week we held an Occupational Therapy Student Network event involving all the OT students from Plymouth University who are currently on placement with us. The year 2 students are placed in a variety of services, including Russell Clinic, Workways, the Cedars, Langdon Hospital, OPMH and community services such as STEP and Community Mental Health teams (CMHTs). This event was also a timely opportunity to celebrate the OT profession.

Sue Moger, OT at Russell Clinic, and Hilary Williams, OT within Specialist Learning Disability services, facilitated this latest network event for the students and their educators. Student and educator network events are now being held at the beginning of each placement and this is our fourth gathering. These events provide a valuable space to students and educators to network and hear about the range of OT roles within our organisation.

After introductions, Ed Gillam, Lead OT within the Adult Directorate, welcomed everyone to the morning event. He gave an overview of OT in the services across DPT, highlighting the range of support available to OTs, such as the Occupational Therapy Advisory Committee meetings, annual OT study day (held this year at Plymouth University), supervision and other CPD opportunities.

The OT student educators then gave a brief overview about their areas of practice, providing a link for students to find out more while on placement. Mike Feighan from the Junipers PICU also gave an overview of his OT role at the new acute unit. We finished the morning with students and supervisors working within groups to reflect on their goals, challenges and things they are looking forward to whilst on placement.

Shirley Kelly, Practice Educator, supported the event and is committed to the OT student coordinator group facilitating these network events for each cohort of OT students. Our next cohort of students arrives in the New Year, and we will be supporting them with a similar event.

For further information about OT Week, please click here.