It's Occupational Therapy Week

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in News, Recovery and wellbeing on 5th November, 2018

It’s national Occupational Therapy week and with more than 150 OTs working here, we are focusing on the amazing work they do.

Occupational Therapy is the profession that supports people to ‘live life their way’ despite any health or care needs they may be living with. Occupational Therapists have been described as the health and care system’s “secret weapon”; the only registered profession qualified to work across mental and physical health as well as in NHS and social care settings. This means that they are uniquely placed to see a whole person holistically which is essential to successful mental health and learning disability care.

Today we are focusing on the great work carried out by Occupational Therapists working in Secure Services at Connelly House, Dawlish. Connelly House is an Occupational Therapy led unit at Langdon Hospital. The unit has six beds and provides short-term care, treatment and rehabilitation for men in preparation for a return to life in an open unit or in the community. The focus of a patient's stay in Connelly is on recovery. Various structured activities are provided and the patients take increasing responsibility for their day to day life.