Is stress affecting you? Are you feeling low, worried or anxious?

Posted in News on 2nd November, 2016

As part of this year’s National Stress Awareness Day on 2 November 2016, Devon Partnership NHS Trust is reminding people who live in Devon of the support and help they can access from its Devon Depression and Anxiety Service. It’s online self-referral form and improved website offers practical, useful information, interactive tools and films of people's stories of how the service has helped them cope with stress, anxiety and depression.

Sue Pike, Service Manager for the Depression and Anxiety Service, explains: “We know that around one in four people will experience some form of depression or anxiety during their lifetime and we also know that some people find it hard to take the first step in seeking help and support for themselves or a loved one.  We all expect to catch a cough or cold once in a while but when it comes to the way we feel emotionally, it can be hard to recognise or admit that we’re not feeling 100%.

“Perhaps you’ve been feeling low for a few weeks, stressed at work which is causing you to feel worried and anxious for long periods of time, or things are getting on top of you. Our service is a free, confidential NHS service for people aged 18+.  We offer a range of different types of treatments and therapies, which are known to work, for people experiencing problems with low mood/depression, anxiety or stress. 

“One of the best things about the service is that people can refer themselves, via the online self-referral form on the website, or by contacting one of our teams by phone or email, without needing to go to their GP.” “We support thousands of people every year – the vast majority of whom value the service very highly and experience significant improvements in their health and wellbeing.”

Getting help

Anyone over the age of 18 can contact their local Depression and Anxiety Service direct, in confidence, as follows:

Online self referral

01392 675 630

East and Mid Devon
01392 385 170

North Devon 
01271 335 041

South & West Devon
01626 203 500

01803 696600

Please do get in touch to find out how we can help. You can also follow the Depression and Anxiety Service on Twitter using @DPT_DAS

For more information about how the service can help, please click here.