Invitation to photo exhibition at Franklyn Hospital

Posted on 9th March, 2015

Click on the image above to open a larger version. In August 2014 Ruth Davey, of ‘Look Again’ photography, facilitated a photography workshop with inpatients on Belvedere Ward, Franklyn Hospital, a specialist assessment and treatment unit for people with dementia. Occupational Therapist on the ward, Carrie Clarke, describes the scene: "On a beautiful sunny day, we began by sitting together around a table, using our senses to focus and become more aware of our surroundings; the warm sun on our backs, the dry, rough grain of the table beneath our hands, the sound of birdsong and leaves rustling in the light wind. Postcards and photographs prompted discussion about favourite places and how it makes us feel to spend time with nature. Viewfinders were introduced to shift the focus outwards. Participants were encouraged to ‘look again’ at the garden, and to focus in on what was of particular interest to them. "Conversations arose in response to what was being experienced in the present - beauty, colour, form, scent - and memories triggered by the sensory-rich experience. Powerful individual narratives emerged, stimulated by the focused, multi-sensory experience, and the strong connection between the senses, emotion and memory. The resulting photographs speak for themselves." With grateful thanks to Ruth Davey from Look Again and all the participants. The workshop was made possible through the Margaret Whitaker Therapeutic Arts Fund. Support the fund here or for more information contact Carrie Clarke