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International Nurses Day Stories: Harry Davidson

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in News, Nursing on 12th May, 2020

Harry Davidson, Assistant Ward Manager

My name is Harry Davidson and I am the Assistant Ward Manager for Coombehaven.

I’ve never known a typical day in Acute Psychiatry however the need to wear PPE, especially the masks during this COVID-19 pandemic has certainly made communication more challenging and appears quite daunting to those we support.

Adaption to change and at times, very quick changes, is almost a prerequisite on an acute admissions ward. We have therefore embraced the changes required under the COVID-19 guidelines and support each other every day to keep ourselves and our patients safe and healthy.

These are certainly challenging times for us all but I’ve ensured, where possible, that we have good, joined up working with other wards and departments to help see us through. I’ve been reviewing and changing ward protocols to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all and prepared to listen to colleagues, offer advice and seek guidance from others when needed.

My advice on how to cope and stay positive during the pandemic? All things come to pass, but in the meantime, keep your distance and wash your hands