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International Nurses Day Stories: Alice Barber

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in News, Nursing on 12th May, 2020

Alice Barber, Senior Nurse Practitioner

My name is Alice Barber and I am a Senior Nurse Practitioner for IATT West.

A typical day for me starts at 8:30am where I’ll check my emails and see if there’s been any incidents sent to me that I need to alert our admin team to or raise an RMS. We have a daily morning meeting from 09:00 - 09:30am with the whole team to check in and discuss anything that needs urgent attention, referrals or any significant issues regarding a patient or their support. There are also team meetings on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons where we have the opportunity to feedback on our welfare checks and our specific concerns over patients or their support. This also offers the protected space for some peer support if required.

I have one specific patient who’s really struggling with this current climate and is presenting with significantly raised levels of distress. I have been working closely with the support team’s manager and have organised and chaired weekly Core Group Meetings and arranged several MDT emergency meetings due to the level of risk both to the patient and those who support him, bringing in Senior Management, CHC, my acting Clinical Team Managers and other members of the patient’s circle of support. The patient has remained at the centre of our care and best interest decision making process. I am keeping in close contact with both the support provider and their mother and looking at how we can proactively support this patient through this very trying time.

This has been an especially challenging time for the team and I as I’ve not been able to physically go out to visit the patient or observe them, the interactions between them and the staff team or offer the staff team some peer support or supervision.

Through this time, I have learnt that I’m not on my own and it’s really shown me that I have a wonderful team who are there to offer support, advice and share their raft of knowledge with me.

To anyone else struggling at this time, I’d day - don’t be afraid to ask for helps not a weakness, it’s a strength, so be kind to yourself.