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Hyde House

Posted on 25th January, 2005

North Devon Primary Care Trust (PCT) and Devon Partnership NHS Trust have set out the final steps in the process to decide upon the future of Hyde House in Barnstaple. An intensive nine week public consultation into the future of the unit was commenced last summer and, due to the level of interest in the issue, this was extended by a further six weeks of discussion and debate in order to secure the views of local people and service users. A final public meeting will take place at The Cedars Hotel on 24 January. The view of Devon Partnership NHS Trust will be given at its Board meeting on 1 February and North Devon PCT will make a final decision about the future of Hyde House at its Board meeting on 24 February. Commenting on the matter, Director of Mental Health Services for North and Mid Devon for Devon Partnership NHS Trust, Liz Davenport, said: “What has become overwhelmingly clear throughout this long consultation is that local people feel passionately about Hyde House and we understand entirely their concerns about its future. “We are committed to developing services such as Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment, Early Intervention in Psychosis and Assertive Outreach to support people with severe and enduring mental illness and we have the new funding necessary to support these developments. “Throughout the consultation, service users and carers have identified the need for these services and we will ensure that they are tailored to meet the needs of local people. We have made it clear from the outset of this debate, and remain convinced, that we believe the development of these services is the best way forward for providing mental health rehabilitation in North Devon. Regrettably, however, this would mean the closure of Hyde House. “It is in the best interests of everyone that the uncertainty over the unit is ended one way or the other, so that we can all move forward. We are very much hoping that the PCT as the Commissioners of the service to allow us to modernise the rehabilitation services in North Devon and support our view over Hyde House – despite the fact that we know it will be an unpopular decision with some people.” Commenting for North Devon PCT, Director of Planning and Development, Peter Howgrave-Graham, said: “We are deeply committed to funding the provision of responsive, safe and comprehensive services for those with enduring and severe mental illness and we believe that we have done everything possible to ensure that stakeholders have had the opportunity to air their views and influence the pattern of service provision that would replace the Hyde House. The sustained level of feedback and involvement that we have seen in recent months clearly indicates that this is an issue very dear to the hearts of local people. “The time has now come, however, for the PCT to assess all of the feedback and evidence and to make a final decision about whether or not the unit will remain open. This decision - made on the basis of what we believe to be in the best long-term interests of service users in North Devon – will be made at our Board meeting on 24 February.”