Have you got views on the role of Discharge Facilitators?

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in News on 19th September, 2017

We would like to invite people with lived experience to join our Senior Nurse Managers and Discharge Facilitators from both Older People's and Adult services to have a conversation about the role of our Discharge Facilitators. The aim of this workshop is to write a new job description for the Discharge Facilitators, involving the views of people with lived experience. The workshop will take place on:
     Friday 20 October 2017 
     10am-12 noon
     Boardroom, Wonford House, Dryden Road, Exeter, EX2 5AF
The Discharge Facilitator is an administrative role at the equivalent level of a nurse (who may or may not have a clinical background) who is responsible for making the links between patients, their Circle of Support (friends and family) and other professionals, ie doctors, Social Services, care provider (list not exhaustive), to aid in a swift discharge from hospital to another place, either home, another hospital, care or nursing home or other.
Our Discharge Facilitators aim to:
  • Promote transparency of the discharge process and progress to the discharge plan for all involved.
  • Incorporate the estimated date of discharge or approximate length of stay as part of the information included on the boards.
  • Demonstrate clearly which elements of the discharge process are actively under way.
  • Improve overall communication of the discharge process for the patient/family/relatives (Circles of Support).
  • Improve the flow of patients through increased awareness of the possible constraints.
  • Enable and empower nurses to make progress chasing the components of the discharge plan (nurse-led discharges).
We would value the feedback and ideas from people with lived experience to help us improve our quality of care. 
If you would like to attend please contact Victoria Parker on 01392 674938 or by email vchurch@nhs.net