Grandad and the Pirate Chest of Memories

Posted in News on 25th October, 2016

We have published a book for children to help them understand dementia.

Grandad and the Pirate Chest of Memories was written by staff members Andrea Fairclough and Vicky Shorters, with illustrations by Chris Bolt.  It was partly funded by our Chairman's Initiative Fund and, although we won't be selling it, we will be asking people for a voluntary donation of £1 per copy to help cover the costs and to invest in other projects.

Copies of the new book were made available at the screening of the dementia play Inside out of mind at the Northcott Theatre in Exeter last year and also circulated to the county's schools, as well as making them available at our own sites where dementia and memory services are provided.

Vicky Shorters says:  "Our organisation does a great deal to support people with dementia, and their families and carers.  Our idea was to write a book that would help younger children to understand dementia.  It tells the story of Ben and his Grandad who, together, make a pirate chest of memories so that they can continue to have fun together.  The book also contains some handy hints on how to make a memory box and some general information about dementia.  We have already had some wonderful feedback and I think it is a great advertisement for the work we do here."

To see a copy of the book click here