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‘Five Ways To Wellbeing While In Isolation’ booklet

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in #ProudofDPT, Mental health, Recovery and wellbeing on 11th November, 2020

As we re-adjust to staying home, heading outside only to exercise and catching up with friends through Zoom quizzes, we know that lockdown is once again impacting our mental and physical wellbeing.

Back in May during the first lockdown, we adapted the popular ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’, updating it to be directly relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic. Peer Support Worker Marie Ash made the changes and considered how the ‘five ways’ could be applied by someone who was having to live differently.

Talking about her approach, Marie said: “Knowing the benefit that the Five Ways to Wellbeing have on our mental and physical wellbeing, I thought that there may be many who will be shielding, self-isolating or working from home that could benefit from them.

“As a Peer Support Worker, I used the experience of myself and others’ experiences to form the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing in Isolation’ booklet, adapted from the original to be relevant to our current situation. The aim is that it will continue to be a source of support as many people find themselves isolated. It was compiled with love and I hope it will be very helpful.”

We encourage you to use the Five Ways to challenge yourself to be mindful every day.


Try connecting with family or friends over the phone, through letters or via video calls. Connect with music. When you play it, think about how it makes you feel - can you feel the beat of the music? Connect with your pet if you have one. What does their fur feel like to touch? Talk to them, how do they react and how do you feel? Enjoy the moment.

Keep Learning

Try one of the Devon Recovery Learning Community online courses. Learn to cook a new recipe or try a new bake. Learn a new art, language or craft.

Be Active

If you are going out for your daily exercise, go for a walk, cycle or run and explore the places you can get to from your house. Look online for workouts and classes. Dance while dusting! Put some music on and get moving whilst you get your housework done.

Take Notice

If you’re heading out to exercise, take notice of what you see, what you can hear and what you can smell. In your home look at a plant or flower you may have, look at the detail in the leaves or in the flower. Notice when you eat. What does it smell like? What is the texture? Enjoy each individual element of your meals.


If you are enjoying your one daily exercise and abiding by social distancing, smile and say hello to passers-by to share some joy. If you use social media, share an uplifting and positive quote or a picture of nature from your daily exercise. Keeping a gratitude diary is a way to give thanks for what you have.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing in Isolation can be downloaded here.