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Enrique shines a light on OT for new Proud to Care campaign

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in #ProudofDPT, News on 17th August, 2020

Proud to Care Devon aims to attract people to careers in health and care and their latest campaign focuses on attracting and inspiring young people aged 16-25 to consider a career in the sector.

The campaign includes film and photography which you may have seen across social media, TV and outdoor advertising as well as on the Proud to Care Devon website.

As part of the new campaign, Enrique Diaz, Occupational Therapist at Franklyn Hospital in Exeter, shared why he loves his career with the team filming him for the campaign and what he thought of the experience.

Enrique said: "I am so happy to see the result, I can recall that day and the nice time with other health and social care professionals. I was the only one working on dementia and mental health and they were very interested in my role. Everyone shared their experience and we realised how lucky we are working with our patients."

Read Enrique's story here and watch his film here.

Enrique continues: "I have to confess it was a hard day as we had the cameras all the time on you although they said we have to be natural for some of us it was not that easy. We enjoyed it and the best thing was we knew we were going to encourage young people to follow us in this wonderful career."

Nicola Dunn, Senior Workforce Development Advisor, Devon County Council said: "I’m really glad Enrique enjoyed it, it was such a fun day of filming (when things were normal, I’m so glad we managed to do it before COVID). It was really lovely for me getting to know everyone and hearing their stories. Enrique is so passionate about what he does, he’s a brilliant inspiration for young people, so I’m really pleased he was involved​."

Enrique continues: "As an Occupational Therapist (OT) sometimes you feel that people do not have clear idea what an OT does so I thought it was a really good chance to do this and share my experience. I feel so lucky for what I am doing and it was beautiful to tell everyone this. Most of them asked me how hard working on dementia is and then I had to tell them there are some lovely things that you can do, learn and live. All the patients have a story of life and you are so lucky to hear them and when you work with them you can be fascinated sharing their experiences."

"Also I think it was a good opportunity to exalt our roles during this difficult time. We feel like heroes now working daily to make people's life better.

"I am so happy to be representing the Trust and telling how awesome working on dementia is and I hope we can recruit more heroes who want to help people in improving their life."