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Diabetes Awareness Day – how TALKWORKS can help

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Mental health on 12th November, 2020

Saturday 14 November is World Diabetes Awareness Day. This is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of wellbeing in managing a condition like diabetes.  If we struggle with our emotional wellbeing it can make it harder to look after our physical health and manage a condition such as diabetes, and if we’re finding it hard managing our physical health, this can also lead to or worsen difficulties with our emotional wellbeing.  But fortunately if one gets better, the other tends to get better, too.

We know that having a long term health condition can be difficult, not just physically but also emotionally. Did you know that people with a long-term health condition are two to three times more likely to develop emotional health difficulties and that those who have two or more long-term conditions are seven times more likely to experience depression than those without? This can be due to the frustration of having to cope with a condition, worries about the future,  stress in finding time in a busy life to be able to take care of your health, coming to terms with a diagnosis or having a lack of support available - to name a few!

If you are currently managing diabetes, you might find that you are worrying about having a hypo which is getting in the way of a good night’s sleep, or getting out the house as much as you’d like to.  You might be feeling less motivated at the moment which is making it difficult to care for yourself as you’d like or need to.  You might find it difficult to figure out what is low blood sugar and what’s anxiety.  Maybe you’re finding that you’re checking your blood sugars more or less than you need to and are struggling with this.

Well, our team is here to help! Part of TALKWORKS, our Talking Health team is a dedicated team of practitioners, experienced in working with people to help manage the emotional difficulties that often go hand in hand with experiencing a long-term physical health condition. Within the Talking Health team we can help people manage the emotional difficulties that can go hand in hand with having a diagnosis like diabetes by using interventions based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in order to improve psychological wellbeing.

When you first come to the service we will offer you an initial assessment where we will discuss your difficulties with you and decide the next best steps. This could be a 1-to-1 support with one of our therapists (currently via video call or phone), online support with our Silvercloud programme, guided self-help or group workshops (where you can meet other people who are also experiencing similar feelings to you). 

We will always look at what you want to get out of the service and choose the best option to help you achieve your goals.

 “Don’t hesitate in trying this service – I spent too long being ‘brave’ and trying to sort things out myself” – Talking Health Patient

“At first I was very dubious and sceptical, but now I can see how it works and how much it has helped me.” - Talking Health Patient

“My sessions were tailored for me and helped me to help myself.  In particular, realising and dealing with my condition was incredibly helpful.” - Talking Health Patient


If you feel like you are struggling to manage your diabetes due to low mood or anxiety please give us a ring on 0300 555 3344 or fill in our online form on our website.