Dewnans Centre celebrates the Kings Coronation

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in News on 11th May, 2023

Dewans Centre celebrate the Coronation of King Charles IIIBank holidays are a time for relaxation, enjoyment and spending quality time with loved ones. However, for patients in a mental health setting, this can often be a challenging time. That is why colleagues decided to organise a special afternoon tea celebration for patients in the Dewnans Centre.

The event was organised to coincide with King Charles III Coronation and was held on Monday 8 May (Bank holiday Monday). The Occupational Therapy Assistants (OTAs) put in a lot of effort to make sure the afternoon was a success, and it paid off with a high attendance and positive feedback from the patients. They expressed their gratitude, thanking everyone for putting on a lovely spread and a fun afternoon.

The patients had been particularly active that day, having been involved in a football match with the Physical Therapy team, and were extra hungry when they arrived for the afternoon tea. The event started with everyone enjoying cream teas and finger sandwiches which had been prepared by the patients on the ward. There were also light refreshments available, and patients had plenty of time to chat amongst themselves and with the staff.

Lea Brown, Senior OTA, said, "It was lovely for staff and patients to socialise together from all four wards (Ashcombe, Holcome, Warren, Cofton), making the Bank holiday Monday afternoon fun and social.

"After the initial food and drinks, the group settled down for a quiz on the history of the coronation. It was a fun way to engage everyone, and patients were eager to show off their knowledge. There was no prize for the winner, but the activity helped to create a lively and enjoyable atmosphere."

One of the patients who attended the event said, "I have really enjoyed it, thanks for putting on a lovely spread and fun afternoon."

The event was a huge success, with patients and staff socialising, laughing and having fun together. It was an opportunity for patients to take a break from their daily routine and enjoy the Bank holiday in a positive and social environment. The quote of the afternoon was, "Fun! Fun! Fun!".

The afternoon tea consisted of sandwiches, biscuits, cakes and scones The Coronation quiz