Devon Wellbeing Hub testimonial – 1:1 support

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Recovery and wellbeing on 24th August, 2023

A healthcare colleague told us about the 1:1 support she received from Prue Yeoman, Colleague Wellbeing Practitioner at the Devon Wellbeing Hub, and the positive difference it has made to her wellbeing.

Why did you get in touch with the Hub and what made you reach out for help?

I contacted the Hub in March 2023 after a colleague said they had used the service. I wanted to seek help following a traumatic birth and motherhood experience.

How easy was it to book an appointment?

It was really easy. I filled out a form online and someone was in touch shortly after. I couldn’t make the first date and time offered, but this was easily changed.

What support did you receive?

I was quickly triaged by Prue Yeoman who was so kind and understanding and was in agreement that I had post-natal PTSD.

Following a referral to step three TALKWORKS, I requested that I was seen by a female and someone who was a mother as I knew it would only be effective for me if the person I was talking to had a lived experience of some of the issues.

I started Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR) with Camilla Salamon who was really lovely and encouraging. We worked through processing a lot of the past.

Have you noticed any differences to your wellbeing since visiting the Hub?

Yes – as the weeks have gone by I don’t feel haunted and consumed by the previous experiences as I once was. I am now ready to start planning for my second baby which is not something I thought was possible.

Would you recommend the Hub to colleagues?

Definitely. I would encourage anyone who is considering contacting the Hub to do so as it can make such a difference.

What advice would you give to others who might be struggling?

Don’t wait until the issue is affecting all aspects of your life. Try and seek help before you become too consumed by whatever is affecting you if you can.

Prue said: “It’s so wonderful to hear from colleagues about the positive impact the Hub has had on their lives. I’d encourage anyone to get in touch. Assessments are relaxed and we will listen without judgement.

“We can support you using a completely tailored approach. We help you create a manageable and positive wellbeing plan and can make a range of referrals to meet your needs. We also have a lot of knowledge about what services are out there. If things are tough at work we can write to your manager and help things along, but everything is optional. You are always in control and everything will remain confidential.

“There’s no need to struggle alone; colleagues working in caring roles often put others first, but you deserve support as much as anyone. Contacting the Hub as your first step might make all the difference!”

Get in touch:

If you work in healthcare, social care or the police in Devon and would like free, confidential wellbeing support, please get in touch by calling 0300 303 5455, email, or fill out the simple referral form on the Devon Wellbeing Hub website.

If you’ve been supported by the Hub and would like to share your experience, please get in touch with Lauren Batten, Staff Wellbeing Communications and Engagement Coordinator, at