Devon Wellbeing Hub share top tips to unwind for World Wellbeing Week

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in News, Recovery and wellbeing on 26th June, 2023

To celebrate World Wellbeing Week (26 June – 2 July), colleagues from the Devon Wellbeing Hub have shared what they do to look after their wellbeing and some top tips on how to unwind. During the week, we encourage you to take some time for yourself and take some inspiration from the ideas below. 

Beth, Clinical and Operational Manager: “I took a leap to try something new in January and joined the Torquay Musical Theatre Choir. I have always loved musical theatre, but anyone who knows me will know I’m not one for being in the limelight. Singing is completely new to me and out of my comfort zone, but it’s now something I look forward to every week. The choir is a really welcoming safe space where everyone is supported and encouraged, regardless of ability. As well as being really fun, I find I completely ‘switch off’ from any worries while I’m there. I would encourage anyone to have a go!”

Kelly Young, professional performer, singing teacher and community musician, leads choirs in Torquay and Exeter: “Singing has numerous health benefits and is brilliant for reducing stress. The magic of the choir is the acceptance of all voices, the friendships made and the support that members give each other. There’s lots of laughter!” The choir will be offering 15% discount for NHS staff  who want to join the Torquay choir next term, booking from 26 July. Please contact to register your interest.

Olivia, Trainee Health Psychologist: “Swimming is my go-to for my mental health and a form of mindful exercise. If I go for a swim I have no distractions, nothing else apart from me, the water and my thoughts. It gives me space to think everything through and/or forget about things for a short amount of time. It also helps me to raise my heart rate and do something physical, which never fails to make me feel better. It’s always been my go-to and hopefully always will be. There are lots of swimming groups across Devon, including HealthScape CIC who aim to offer a variety of experiences using natural surroundings on and around the coast.”

Prue, Colleague Wellbeing Practitioner: “I’m doing couch to 5K at the moment and loving it. I’m doing it with a running group which it makes it more fun and keeps me accountable. I also love cooking on the weekend (when it’s not a rush). At this time of year making lovely salads can be quite creative, easy, not very expensive and so delicious!”

Becky, Lead Business Administrator: “As soon as things get too much, my go-to is to grab the dog, go for a walk and listen to either an audio book or a podcast (depending on my mood). Sometimes I just walk in the dog in silence. I always feel better once I get home.”

Emerald, Colleague Wellbeing Practitioner: “It’s great to find a creative outlet, even if you don’t feel you’re particularly ‘good’ at it. Just the process of creating something from scratch is really rewarding for me. Plus it’s a helpful way to release any emotions I’ve been holding onto throughout the week.”

The Devon Recovery Learning Community have a range of free activities on offer to help support your wellbeing. They offer both in-person and online courses, including wellbeing walks, open-water swimming and crafts such as upcycling and journaling. Take a look at the full list here.

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