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Devon Recovery Learning Community offers support during isolation

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in News, Recovery and wellbeing on 24th May, 2020

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and we have been sharing stories around the importance of Kindness. We are ending the week with a focus on Recovery: a huge part of which is the kindness of others and the importance of being connected with others. The Devon Recovery Learning Community (DRLC) have been hard at work delivering their courses to aid recovery even when they are not able to do so face-to-face.

During this period of lockdown and social distancing, DRLC has adapted to insure that their incredible courses are still available to us, at a time when is more important than ever to stay connected. They are now offering classes online or through video conferencing – anything from “Dance for Relaxation” and “Craftiness in Quarantine” to guided meditations. 

Caroline Nicholson, Manager of DRLC, said “I am immensely proud of our team who have rallied round and learned entirely new ways of working to deliver recovery learning. It is based on the kindness and compassion of our tutors and admin team who want to help those in our community that they have pulled out all the stops and have created this amazing online platform, now available on our website.

“Our staff and tutors, as well as several outside partner organisations, have come together to help deliver a truly diverse and three-dimensional online resource for wellbeing and recovery learning. We are offering everything from puzzles, quizzes and word searches, to YouTube tutorials created by our partner organisations, as well as an amazing raft of online courses through videoconferencing. Everyone has drawn on their personal skills and developed new ones to create graphics, text, YouTube channels, videos and online courses.

“Our students have also stepped up to plate to contribute kindness and support for our Recovery Learning Community. They have contributed inspirational WordArt for positivity and wellbeing, created online jigsaws and are participating in regular online drop-ins offering peer support via video conferencing. It's been all hands on deck to help people remain connected, have purpose, find meaning and offer mutual support for all who are struggling with the current crisis.

“The kindness, care and concern that all the staff and tutors have for our Devon Recovery Learning Community is what makes what we do just so wonderful.”

One attendee of a DRLC Dance course said, “I am so grateful to be offered these courses and I feel I have benefited greatly. The tutor is a very generous and kind individual who is very accepting and open. I didn’t feel judged or rushed. I felt valued. I feel I have made new friends and hope I will be able to connect with them in the future. Thank you!”

Another added, "This period of lock down has stoked up levels of fear amongst us. We understand the need for distancing and yet we are so in need of connection, care and the opportunity to offer and accept each-others support.”

Please do take a look at the DRLC website for the list of classes and groups available. With sessions happening almost daily, there is bound to be something there for everyone. DRLC’s Facebook page, which now has nearly a thousand followers, is also very active offering a source of comfort and reliable information for our Recovery Learning Community.