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Dementia Awareness Week

Posted on 22nd May, 2013

Devon Memory Service
We are using Dementia Awareness Week to raise awareness of our Devon Memory Service which becomes operational early in June. The service aims to support a far more joined-up approach to delivering dementia services, particularly around early diagnosis and intervention. Leaflets and a GP briefing have been sent to all GP practices across Devon and information is available at the numerous events the Alzheimer's Society is organising across Devon this week. 

The Trust has also won a contract, awarded by South Devon and Torbay CCG, to provide five Dementia Advisors in the south of the county. The advisors, who will be employed by the Alzheimer's Society and commence their new roles in a few months, will play an invaluable role in supporting people with dementia and their families and carers, after diagnosis. 

Caring for Dementia
There have been some updates recently to two publications for carers of people with dementia. The latest issues of these are available by clicking on the links below.

Caring for Dementia – Dementia Carers’ Pathways – Devon 
Caring for Dementia – Dementia Carers’ Pathways – Torbay, Teignbridge, South Hams and West Devon

Memory Cafés 
An updated list of Memory Cafés in Devon can also be found on the Trust website by clicking

Report on pilot study of 'Living well with dementia group' in Mid Devon
There is a growing interest in thinking how you can live and live well with conditions that cannot be cured - in a sense this is what the emphasis on 'personal recovery' compared with 'clinical recovery' is all about. Jo Cheffey, Laura Hill and others have been working on thinking through how these principles can be applied to 'living well with dementia' and they have a paper soon to be published in Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, looking at how ideas of supporting people in self-management may be helpful in early dementia.

Jo and colleagues in Mid Devon have taken that further and devised an opportunity to meet with people with dementia and their family/carers to think through what it could mean to work on 'living well'. They have produced an initial report of their first group, available by clicking
here, and are continuing with a second group at present.