Dame Professor Carol Black to deliver keynote address

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in News on 11th September, 2008

The Government’s Director of Health, Work and Wellbeing, Dame Professor Carol Black, paid a special return visit to Exeter in September to speak at a major conference for national and local employers. Dame Professor Black spoke at the

MINDFUL EMPLOYER conference on 25 September, addressing delegates from right across the UK on the importance of looking after staff who experience harmful levels of stress, depression and anxiety. Also speaking will be Susan Scott-Parker, Chief Executive Officer of the Employers’ Forum on Disability and John Hamilton of Bradford & Bingley plc. Delegates took part in a range of workshops and were challenged and entertained by a play about stigma and discrimination in the workplace, which was presented by professional actors who have experienced mental ill health. More than 300 employers from around the UK have signed the

MINDFUL EMPLOYER Charter for Employers who are Positive About Mental Health. Charters were presented by Dame Professor Carol Black at the conference to Exeter City Council, Bradford & Bingley and the Employers Forum on Disability. Richard Frost of

WorkWAYS (which facilitates

MINDFUL EMPLOYER in Devon) comments:  “One in four of us are likely to have mental ill health of some kind during our lives and this represents a significant proportion of the country’s workforce. The

MINDFUL EMPLOYER initiative began in Exeter in 2004 and has been incredibly successful, attracting interest from all over the UK.  It was designed by Exeter-based employers and is aimed at increasing awareness of mental health in the workplace, reducing stigma and supporting businesses in recruiting and retaining staff with mental health needs.  “A range of employers, many of whom will be attending the conference, continue to be involved in the initiative.  It gives businesses easier access to information, practical support, training materials, support networks and assistance from other employers.  Since it started, more than 600 employers have become involved.”