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Craft packs sent to DRLC course students

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in News, Recovery and wellbeing on 25th February, 2021

These lovely craft packs have been put together for two online creative recovery courses run by Devon Recovery Learning Community (DRLC).

The DRLC is a Recovery College provided by us for the wellbeing of people in Devon. They offer a wide range of free, open access opportunities to learn about mental health and recovery. Students are people with lived experience of mental health difficulties, their family and friends, and the professionals who support them.

Both courses are being run throughout March. One is called 'Decoupaging your Five Ways to Wellbeing' and the other is a new course which is called 'Creative Upcycling for Wellbeing'. The courses are run over six sessions, both are fully booked, but more are planned for the months ahead. Each student receives a free creative craft goodie bag in the post with a guide to explain how the sessions will run. Fleur Barr has produced these courses and runs them with her co-tutor Vicky Jimenez.

Fleur said: "We have been running these online courses throughout lockdown, we have had to adapt from in person courses to online courses. We find it very rewarding and find our attendance rates are higher as there can be many barriers to people attending in person courses, although we understand it's not for everyone. Many students tell us what a treat it was to receive their craft tools in the post and they say it feels like Christmas! The feedback from students has been incredible, the first session is always the hardest but as the weeks go by you see the students really connecting with each other and it's a joy seeing their smiles grow each week. Our sessions give them empowering creative tools to support their health and wellbeing moving forward positively. We focus on the Five Ways to Wellbeing; Connect, Learn, Active, Notice and Give, along with supporting students to achieve personal goals and gratitude. It's been a privilege to reach out to so many different people at the same time across Devon, we've had people from North Devon, East Devon, South Devon, all over, which we would never have achieved before our online delivery of courses."

Find out more about the courses available from the DRLC here.