Confidentiality and Carers Guidelines

Posted on 27th June, 2008

Confidentiality and Carers Guidelines which support the Trust policy GV03 Confidentiality were launched during carers week. The guidelines can be found in the publications library under information or next to the confidentiality policy found under policies and procedure on the intranet. The subject of confidentiality and sharing of information is a significant concern for service users, their families or carers, and staff. The purpose of the Confidentiality and Carers document is to provide guidelines which will clarify and support best practice.

It recognises that from the outset, the bounds of confidentiality need to be explained and understood by carers, just as it is usual good practice to ensure that service users are properly informed as to what information may be shared with them when working toward their recovery. This guidance will form the basis for future training for staff, service users and carers.
Click here to view the guidelines