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Concerned about your memory?

Posted on 15th December, 2005

People living in the Totnes area are being given the opportunity to attend a free event to learn more about the process of ageing and its effects on the memory. The half-day event is open to anyone over 65 years of age, carers, volunteers and professionals working with older people. It will provide information on memory and ageing, strategies for healthy living and practical help and advice about coping with day-to-day memory problems.  The event will also provide an opportunity to meet members of the Totnes and District Community Mental Health Team for older adults, which is concerned about the low number of older people in the area who are coming forward to seek help and support with memory problems. Organiser Alex Hunt says:  “We all know that the memory and some other mental processes tend to slow down or show some evidence of decline as we get older.  This can be an understandable source of concern to people and their loved ones, who may be unsure whether their memory problems are a normal part of the ageing process or an early indication of a medical problem.
“Early contact with health professionals can reassure most people that their memory problems are benign and a normal part of the ageing process.  For those with more severe problems, early recognition will give vital access to services providing diagnosis, treatment and support for the person and others close to them.  “We encourage any one over the age of 65 who is worried about their memory to come along to the event, find out more about issues related to memory, get practical advice and support and talk with professionals about their concerns.” The event will be held on Friday 6 January at the Methodist Hall, Fore Street, Totnes. Numbers will be limited. To find out more or register for the event, please call 01803 840431.