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Charity COVID Fund having a positive impact

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Charity, News on 11th February, 2021

Money raised from the DPT Charity and funds received from NHS Charities Together continues to support the wellbeing of our staff and patients and enhances the care we’re able to give during this pandemic.

Some of the funds have helped provide Redhills Crisis House with a homely therapeutic environment, who purchased:

  • A table tennis table to provide residents with activities on site.
  • Towels, pictures, plants and coloured bedding to help residents feel at home and less like a hospital.
  • Mood cards, positive quote cards, self-care items, sensory diffuser, exercise balls to aid mental health recovery in a holistic way.

Patients and staff have said:

“It’s the little things that count, the bedding and pictures make is feel like a home”
“The self-soothing items help me to manage my mental health”
“The items bought through COVID funds have provided us with meaningful activities to engage residents in”
“It does not feel like an NHS building”
“The pictures make it a more inviting environment”
“The House is welcoming and peaceful environment”

These simple but effective ways are having a positive impact across our services and this has only been possible due to the generosity of our communities so keen to help the NHS.

Thank you again to everyone that has supported the DPT Charity and been in touch, and please email your requests, or questions to Daniel Robson, Head of Charity Fundraising at