Celebrating the National Preceptorship Quality Mark achievement

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in #ProudofDPT, News on 26th September, 2023

National Preceptorship for Nursing Quality MarkWe are delighted to announce that we have received the National Preceptorship for Nursing Quality Mark from the NHS England National Preceptorship Programme.

Established in November 2021, the National Preceptorship Programme's mission is to create a Preceptorship Framework for Nursing in England, along with associated quality standards for all health and social care organisations. Preceptorship plays a key role in supporting newly qualified staff as they develop their skills, apply knowledge to everyday practice, and gain confidence. Our preceptorship programme offers structured workshops, regular clinical supervision, and pastoral support throughout the first 12 months in practice, ensuring that professionals embark on their careers with the best possible foundation, shaping their path to becoming the professionals they aspire to be.

To earn this prestigious award, our organisation underwent a rigorous self-assessment process, accompanied by evidence demonstrating that we met a minimum of 80% of the standards outlined in the framework to attain the quality mark. Organisations that achieve this award will undergo reassessment every two years.

Sam Scoins, our Preceptorship Lead, shared: “This is incredible news for preceptorships with the Trust. It allows us to demonstrate the quality of our preceptorship Programme and how much we are supporting newly qualified staff to begin their professional journey. The preceptorship team has worked incredibly hard to collect and collate all the evidence that went toward achieving this award and it would not have been possible without them. I would just like to say a massive thank you to the team and that you should be incredibly proud of your achievement.”

Charli Kennedy, Practice Educator, added: "This is great news for the organisation as well as those joining us for preceptorship. We are always looking to improve our offer for Preceptees based on feedback and new guidance. This quality mark tells us that we are moving in the right direction with our programme! A special thanks to our current and previous preceptees who have worked with us on our improvements!” 

For more details about Preceptorships, please contact our Practice Education team at dpt.practiceeducation@nhs.net

You can access the National Preceptorship Framework for Nursing here.