Celebrating NHS Sustainability Day

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Mental health, News on 21st March, 2019

Today is NHS Sustainability day. The day is about celebrating the importance sustainable development plays within our national health services. Through this annual day, NHS and Health professionals can showcase how they are driving sustainability whilst celebrating their achievements and engaging with staff, patients and visitors.

The Board of Directors approved the Trust’s Sustainable Development Management Plan (2019-22) at its meeting on 11 March. Our Plan sets out how we will continue to improve the ways in which we use our resources in ways that cause least harm to our environment. Each year this it grows in importance as our awareness is raised on the critical importance of changing our behaviours with regard to climate change and sustainability.

A copy of the Plan is available here.  Everyone can help support the actions outlined in the Plan by thinking about ways of travelling, what cup to drink our coffee out of, how we design a new service, where to have a meeting and the myriad of choices we make each day.