Carers Rights Day 2017 - Friday 24th November

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Learning disability, Mental health, News on 24th November, 2017

Each year Carers Rights Day, held by charity Carers UK, aims to bring organisations across the UK together to help carers in their local community know their rights and find out how to get the help and support they are entitled to.

One of our core aims is to ensure that our services are shaped by the voices of the people who use them. Our Together programme, which launched earlier this year, involves those who use our services and their carers in service delivery and improvement.

We have established a Together Delivery Group to take this important work forward and many of its members are people with lived experience, family members, supporters or carers. 

Carer Tracy talks about her role in Together: "Being involved as a carer in the Together Delivery Group is a real privilege. I would highly recommend to all to become involved in whatever capacity you feel comfortable with and are able to. Being part of the 'whole community' of DPT united in working 'Together' to improve the experience of all people; service users, carers and staff is very rewarding. By everyone listening and sharing their experience, difficulties, what works well, Together we are more powerful. As a team we are able to find solutions to make real quality improvements for all. In my opinion it's only by continuing to work Together that we will make a sustained difference for everyone involved in the community of DPT, which is what we all want. As a carer in my experience it is often just the little things that can make a huge difference."

There will be two further follow up Together events at the end of this month and in early December to hear about what progress we are making following peoples feedback.

Chris Burford, Deputy Director of Nursing and Practice, said: "We are currently reviewing our triangle of care practice standards for carers and have been directly working with our inpatient wards and Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment teams initially to do this. We have plans to implement staff carer aware training sessions and these will take place early in 2018 initially in Torbay. We have a number of other projects being developed with the aim of improving access and support for carers partners and families of the people who use our services."

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