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Bronze Award in Rainbow Badge Pilot

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in #ProudofDPT, News on 22nd November, 2021

Devon Partnership Trust (DPT) has received a Bronze Rainbow Badge Award following participation in a pilot for phase two of the NHS Rainbow Badge initiative. DPT was one of only ten Trusts selected nationally to pilot the second phase of the Rainbow Badge initiative, which included an assessment of our LGBT+ inclusivity across our services and workforce.

Receiving the bronze award demonstrates our continued commitment to advancing equality, access and experiences of LGBTQ+ people, and in promoting an inclusive and diverse culture. The award reflects the action DPT has taken to date to increase visibility of support available to LGBT+ staff and people accessing services, improve awareness and reduce barriers and inequalities in healthcare.

The phase two pilot was commissioned by NHS England and led collaboratively by the LGBT Foundation, Stonewall, the LGBT Consortium, the Brighton & Hove Switchboard and GLADD. The pilot moves from a pledge based model to an assessment, which provided the Trust with the opportunity to evidence work undertaken, and to demonstrate ongoing commitment to reducing barriers to healthcare for LGBTQ+ people. Following assessment the Trust was provided with feedback to support ongoing and future improvement work. This will enable us to continue to reduce and remove healthcare barriers faced by LGBTQ+ people and create an inclusive culture for people using services, their relatives and carers and for current and future Trust staff.

The Rainbow Badge originated from Evelina London and was designed to provide a visible way for staff to show they are somebody you can talk to about sexuality and gender identity, promoting a message of inclusion. To date a third of the workforce is wearing an NHS Rainbow Badge.