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Board papers - February 2010

Posted on 23rd February, 2010

  • Item A - Board of Directors Agenda 25Feb10
  • Item02 Register of Interests
  • Item04 CEO Report
  • Item04 CEO Summary Report
  • Item04 CEO Report Appx1a
  • Item05 Summary Report
  • Item06 QS Committee report
  • Item06 Summary Board Report QS Committee
  • Item07 Performance Management Report
  • Item 07 Summary Performance Management Report
  • Item07 Performance Report Scorecard
  • Item07 Assurance Frame work Corporate Risk Register
  • Item08 FIC Report
  • Item08 FIC Summary Report
  • Item09 Board Summary Report
  • Item09 Finance Tables M10
  • Item09 Month 10 Exec Summary
  • Item10 Audit Committee Report
  • Item10 Audit Committee Summary Report
  • Item10 Appendix Audit Committee Minutes
  • Item11 NHS Constitution Baseline assessment
  • Item11 NHS Constitution Update
  • Feb10 Item11 Summary Report NHS Constitution