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Autism Awareness Week 2021

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Learning disability, News on 30th March, 2021

This week is Autism Awareness week. As part of this, the Learning Disability Service have shared a quiz on people’s awareness of autism on their closed Facebook group. Autistica (the UK’s national autism research charity) talks about learning disability and autism:

Learning disability is a lifelong disorder diagnosed in childhood. Around 4 in 10 autistic people have a learning disability.

A learning disability affects people in different ways.

Common difficulties include:

  • adapting behaviour to different situations
  • interacting with others
  • controlling behaviour

Scientists have found genetic differences in both autism and learning disability making it likely that the two conditions are related.
Learning disability affects intellect and is sometimes referred to as intellectual disability. It is often confused with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, which do not affect intellect.

Try the quiz – the answers are there but would you have known?