A poem for Children's Mental Health Week

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in CAMHS, News on 8th February, 2024

Malcolm TaylorIt's Children’s Mental Health Week and we are highlighting the importance of mental health and wellbeing in young people.

Malcolm Taylor, who was supported by Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in the past, has written a poem to mark the week.

He said: "I like writing short stories and poems as it helps me process how and what I am feeling. I was always taught that if you write how you feel it will make a picture, your only job is to make sure that it bounces in people's minds.

"The poem is generally about mental health. I think it’s important for people to interpret how they feel about it rather than what I would make them see…"

Scarred skin, bruised brain, grazed gut. The world around brakes.

Hate flies, help cries. My city crumbles, as the makes that held it so great.

Alone, wondering.  I'm just fine... I guess.

I guess... I feel the emotion bubble and swirl like a confection consistent conveying pure antiphonal antimony.

But what are these feelings?

Alone; happy and sweet

Gatherings; alone, but it’s a guilty pleasure.

I will scrap for one feeling that I can call mine.

The world is flipped in a black hole where I see my future falling and my past coming closer.

Then why do I feel that my brain has taken aim in the name of something I don't even recognise.

I understand what is and what was.

But what can be? Now that's a question...

One for tomorrow, where another may arise…


By Malcolm Taylor