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A Pause for Thought from our chaplains around 'kindness'

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in News, Recovery and wellbeing on 22nd May, 2020

As we draw closer to the end of Mental Health Awareness week our chaplains Jez Brown and Malc Reddaway have provided us with Pause for Thoughts around the theme of kindness.

In the video below, Malc talks to us about chaplaincy and how kindness is very much a part of a chaplain's daily work when helping, supporting and caring for patients, staff and carers. Click here or on the image below to watch the video.

In his written piece, Jez talks about the phenomena of 'paying if forward' and how these random acts of kindness have become the thoughtful, quiet deed of recent years. He draws the comparison between these acts of kindness and the way in which our staff go the extra mile every day in their work helping others. He says:

"Paying it forward’ has become a bit of a phenomena in the UK in recent years. The idea is, for example, that when you go out for a coffee (do you remember those days of going out for coffee?) you over-pay and ask for the gift to be used to pay for somebody else’s coffee who can’t afford one, later in the day.

"Paying it forward’ is just one good deed that can be described as being a ‘random act of kindness’.

"You may not realise it but so many of you do this in your working day without even realising it! You may not be buying somebody coffee at the minute – but every time that you go the extra mile – when you put yourself out for somebody else – you are ‘paying it forward’. These simple acts of kindness to service-users and colleagues alike, are examples of what it is to be a role model.

"I personally see, and experience, wonderful examples of such kindness every day within our organisation: people putting the needs of others before themselves, treating others as they would like to be treated.

"Such displays of kindness happening all around us have made me realise that humanity is at its best when it is lived out relationally. Deep within our DNA is the need to love and to be loved; to be cared for, and to care.

"And so for humanity to operate at its best .. we can’t live in isolation to each other forever!