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'A Day in the Life' of a One Small Step Stop Smoking Advisor

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in News, Recovery and wellbeing on 21st October, 2020

Stoptober, Quit Smoking and Breathe

This Stoptober we have heard from members of our staff who are attempting to give up smoking and the reasons why they want to quit. Over the last three weeks they have been supported by OneSmallStep Stop Smoking Advisors with regular catch-ups to ensure they remain on track. One Small Step is the local Stop Smoking Service for Devon offering free one-to-one support over the phone.

Denise, Specialist Stop Smoking AdvisorToday, we meet Denise, Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor at OneSmallStep. Denise has over 10 years experience in supporting Devon residents to quit smoking. Denise says:

"Every day I speak to a variety of people from different backgrounds, all of whom have different relationships with smoking. The day to day delivery of services at OneSmallStep has changed this year. Before COVID-19 I would largely deliver face-to-face clinics across Devon. We have adapted our services in the current circumstances and I now usually work from home and speak to clients over the phone. I am pleased to be able to continue to offer a high-quality service despite the pandemic and its restrictions.

"When someone contacts OneSmallStep for help to stop smoking we set-up an initial appointment. At this appointment we discuss times and situations where it may be difficult for the client to stay smoke free. We explore triggers for smoking, smoking history, successes and past quit attempts, so that they are in the best position to draw on this learning in the future. I support clients to develop an action plan for when difficult situations occur, so that they are not taken by surprise and they have a plan in place to reduce the chances of relapse.

"An important part of my role is to explain the stop smoking medications, how they work and the correct way to use them. I also arrange for the client to receive their medication. I check in regularly with all my clients and I am able to support them for 12 weeks. I deliver support at various times of the day, including evenings.

"The best thing about my job is that it is so rewarding, especially when a client makes a successful quit attempt and then recommends their friends and family to the service. It is great to be able to help them too. I once received a text from a client who successfully quit to say that she was sitting on a beach on holiday with the money she had saved from quitting smoking! Supporting pregnant smokers also offers a huge sense of achievement, I know that I have helped a baby to have a better start in life. I also enjoy speaking to lots of different people. 

"My advice for people wanting to quit this Stoptober and beyond would be to take the plunge! So many times I have heard quitters say ‘I wish I’d done this before’… In accessing stop smoking support you are three times more likely to quit successfully. Get in touch with OneSmallStep this Stoptober, we are here to help you!'

What help is available if I want to quit?

There’s lots of free support available so you can find what works best for you. Whether that’s online, using various resources, or by having specialist support from a trained Stop Smoking Advisor, like Denise, right here in Devon.

If you live in the Devon County Council area and want to talk to someone, you can access free one-to-one support from a Specialist Stop Smoking advisor, either face to face (where possible), or on the telephone by contacting One Small Step on 01392 908 139, by e-mailing, or by texting the word QUIT to 60777.

OneSmallStep advisors can provide up to 12 weeks of support and will also provide Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). NRT products, like patches and gum, will help manage your cravings and withdrawal symptoms and your weekly support sessions with your stop smoking advisor will provide you with coping mechanisms, tips and tricks to make things a little easier, and encouragement and support if things get tricky.

For more tips, motivation and support follow OneSmallStep on social media:

For those seeking help in the Torbay and Plymouth areas, please contact the services below:

  • Torbay: Healthy Lifestyles Team on 0300 456 1006
  • Plymouth: One You Plymouth on 01752 437 177